Placing Wholesale Orders With Elosa

Eco Friendly Packaging

At Elosa, we love to work with other businesses that are just as are eco conscious as we are.

I’ve made the process of wholesale seamless and quick for all wholesale buyers. At your own convenience, you’re able to browse, manage, shop and track orders on my website with your wholesale account. You'll have access to all and limited products available to wholesale customers.

Once logged in your wholesale account, You’ll be able to see the catalog with products available for wholesale at wholesale prices. If you’re not logged in, you’ll see retail prices.


To shop wholesale you first need to apply for a wholesale account. I manually read and approve inquiries and select businesses that best align with our eco-conscious values. 

How to register

You can apply for a wholesale account in a few ways: 

Visiting the “wholesale” link located in our footer.

Clicking “Wholesale login + register” in the main menu under the “more” tab.

(The navigation menu has slightly changed and you can now find this by going under the "more" tab, then clicking "wholesale" to show options)

OR, Once approved for an account, you may also login with your email and password by clicking the icon in the header menu. 

Our wholesale form is designed for us to verify and learn about your business and ensure our values align. 

The information you input here will be used when you’re placing wholesale orders. So ensure all fields are correct including contact and shipping address. 

For Canadian customers you will be charged taxes and do not need to worry about the Tax ID field. Just input “N/A”. For US, to be tax exempt, this information must be provided. 

Once you’ve successfully filled out the form, it’ll take up to 3 business days for me to reply back to your inquiry. If approved, an invitation to create an account will be sent via email. 

Make sure to check all spam and promotion folders for our reply. If accepted, you'll be invited to create an wholesale account and set up a password.

Logging into your wholesale account

Once you activate your account and/or log into your account, you’ll be redirected to your account page, where you can view and/or use the quick order form. This includes a list of all products available for wholesale for you to quickly order. 

You will also see the current lead times for orders.


The quick order form is designed for you to easily view products available for wholesale and to place an order.

You may filter products by using menu on the left hand side.

You can select quantity and see product status here as well including products that are in back order. 


To place an order, add desired quantities to cart and click update cart at the lower bottom of screen (not pictured). You may also click on the product to open the product page for more details.

Our MOQ is $200. Orders that doesn't meet this criteria will not be accepted.

What happens after you place an order

All orders are received immediately and are reviewed and processed within 1 - 3 business days. If I’m near my iMac and my schedule allows, you may receive a reply same day. You order will ship within 2 - 6 weeks from date order was placed, depending on products and size of order. 

You’ll receive an email from me when your order has been received and processed, with details about your order including shipment date.

features of wholesale account 

Quick order form - quickly order past orders in minutes and see product status.

Full + Partial Shipping options - Choose to ship your entire order once back orders are ready or ship partially.

Track and manage orders from account - Track and monitor past and current orders, update shipping address, quick order, and view important messages for wholesale customers.

New: Current lead Time, MSRP + important messages will now be displayed. Reference to screen shot above.


Seamless process - Easy to browse, navigate and order at your own convenience. No need to wait around for replies and confirmations. Once you’re a wholesale customer, you may order anytime and view our catalog in wholesale prices (as long as you're logged in)

Ready to carry our products ? Read Wholesale terms here and Apply for wholesale here.

Thank you so much for your lover and interest!

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