Caring For Your Elosa Candles For Best Experience

Vegan Coconut Wax Candles

Here at Elosa, I produce candles in small batches to ensure each candle gets the deserved attention and detail and remains in good quality. However once it leaves my hands and in the hands of customers, everything is out of my control.

You can enjoy your Elosa candles for a very long time as long as you properly care and use your candles throughout it's life. It has a long lasting burn if you follow these simple steps.

Always trim your wick

Before each and every burn, trim your wick! It is important to trim burnt wicks before next use for a clean, proper burn. Your flame can burn hot, crazy, or create excessive soot.

Burn for 4 hours until full melt pool

The first burn is very important. Coconut wax has memory, and the way your candle will burn throughout it's life, depends on the way you initially burn your candle. Burn your candle until at least a full melt pool has formed. This prevents tunnelling on future burns and ensures an even surface. Do not burn your candle longer than 4 hours or leave  unattended.

Allow wax to cool down before you burn again

Allow the wax to fully solidify (harden) before doing a next burn. Make sure your next and future burns are for at minimum 3 hours and maximum 4 hours.


Do not continue to burn candle when only ½” of wax remains. This is the end of your candle life and your vessel is ready for a new purpose. Remove remaining wax and put into garbage bag. Never down toilet, sinks or any drains. Clean with hot soapy water and allow to air dry.


You can easily clean the remaining ½” of wax by putting candle jar in freezer for 15-20 minutes. This shrinks and hardens the wax making it easier to pop out in big pieces or one whole chunk

- Alternatively, you may "pinch" off burnt wood before next burn if a wick trimmer is not handy. 


When the life of your candle is over, give your vessel a new purpose. My candle vessels are amazing for other things such as

- Makeup brush holder

- Plant Pot

- Sponge / Kitchen scrub holder

- Hair tie / Elastic Band Holder

- Change Holder

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