8 Facts About My Soaps

8 Facts About My Soaps

My soap bars get a lot of love and for that I’m deeply grateful. My soap bars are one of the most prettiest, natural, Moisturizing and soothing handmade bars on the market! Just ask our customers. 

Some facts about my soap bars:

Natural, Vegan + Organic

My soaps are formulated with 100% natural (no really) and plant derived ingredients. Our base formula is, Organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic cocoa butter, organic sunflower oil, organic castor oil and organic sweet almond oil OR organic olive oil. I work with clays and botanicals to naturally color my soaps and phthalate and paraben free fragrance and essential oil(organic) blends for aroma. Additives used are plant and fruit extracts, clays and fruit or plant powders such as coconut milk powder and mango extract.

Each soap is unique to the next

All my soaps are extremely moisturizing, natural and aesthetically pleasing, but each have their own benefits and character. My Aloe Vera soap for example features Organic aloe Vera juice + Kaolin clay. My Coconut + Milk Soap features Coconut Milk + Kaolin Clay. My Sage + Peppermint features Sage Tea + Peppermint leaves for gentle exfoliation. My Hibiscus Soap features Hibiscus tea and French Pink + White Kaolin clay. My lovely sweet almond, features almond milk and almond yogurt, and my oatmeal is all things oatmeal, with oat milk, oat yogurt and colloidal oatmeal. Each soap is different from the next but are all the same when it comes to its cleansing, moisturizing and hydrating properties. 

Free from Palm Oil!

My soaps are free from palm oil and use other moisturizing butters and oils in its place instead that’s more environment friendly. These include coconut oil and Shea butter.

Made with Yogurts, Milks, Aloe Vera Juice + Tea's

The only soap I carry that is made with water is my Mango + Calendula Soap. This soap is formulated with distilled water featuring mango butter, mango extract and calendula. It is an amazing bar, especially in summer months that is very moisturizing and soothing on the skin.

All my other soaps however, are formulated with organic, GMO + Gluten free milks, yogurts, aloe vera juice and herbal teas. Giving them a creamy, rich and luxurious lather and amazing skin benefits. Milks, yogurts and tea's are not just good for our insides, but they do wonders for our skin too.

4 are scented, 4 are unscented

I know not everyone has the same preferences. Not everyone cares for scent but more the benefits and some rather scented products. Our soap collection has both scented and unscented soaps, to appeal to anyone. All 8 soaps, no matter if scented or not, provide highly effective and gentle cleansing, moisturizing and hydrating properties. 

Made in Small Batches

Soaps are made in small batches so that each and every soap gets its deserved attention and detail, and to ensure freshness and quality of soap. It alost gives me better control when producing soap with smaller batches as measuring and handling ingredients are much more manageable. After all it’s just me! When orders for loaves are placed, it is produced fresh for the customer and set to cure in a safe place for 6 weeks before heading off to its new home. 

A secret? 95% of the times, my soaps are made in the middle of the night. Like 2 am 😅. As a mother of a 6 year old, sometimes this is the only time I get to soap with no distractions or having to worry about my daughter.

We have oopsie soaps!

Batches that don’t go as planned or soaps that don’t come out to my standard get added to my oopsie batch. This reduces waste and gives customers a chance to explore our bars before committing to the full size. My oopsie soaps have the same ingredients and benefits, they just aren’t as aesthetically pretty as my usual soap! Instead of throwing them away, I made a collection just for them! I also donate to shelters sometimes when I’m in the downtown area!

Each soap purchase plants a tree!

Every soap ordered contributes positively to our environment. $1 from every order is donated to One Tree Planted, where one tree is planted in the most needed areas around the country. Im so glad I am able to make this contribution and give back to nature with the products I love producing.

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