About Us

The Brand, Values + Mission

Elosa is an eco-conscious handcrafted line of natural, vegan and sustainable products for the skin, hair and home. Products that are better for us, our animals and our planet. Free from harsh chemicals, toxins, sulphates, parabens and all the nasties, while still providing quality results.

Elosa's line is inspired by nature, the well being of animals, self love and aesthetically pleasing, simple designs. The main focus is to provide natural, vegan and sustainable products for the home and body that are not only good to us, our animals and the earth but are also effective. At Elosa, we believe we should take pride in both our body and our planet, and practice environmental sustainability whenever possible and that is why we are strict in the materials and ingredients we use in our products. Our materials are ethically sourced and our suppliers, just like us are eco friendly. We wanted Elosa to contribute positively and deliver value to the planet and to you. With our formulations and practices, we are able to do this. Here at Elosa, we don't just stamp our product labels with "Natural" or "Vegan" and call it a day. Our products are actually what we say it is and we are completely transparent about our ingredients and formulations. As our customer, we believe you deserve to know everything that goes into the products you purchase from us and you deserve quality and honesty. Products that are soothing to your eco conscious senses.

Through our ethos, products, formulas, and journals, we aim to educate and encourage our customers to join us on a path of sustainable living and implement positive habits into their lifestyle. We invite you to learn more about our practices and what makes us who we are and actions you can take as an individual to make positive changes to our earth. We will always continue to look for ways to better our products and enhance our approach. With a love for nature and animals, heartfelt values and minimal aesthetics, we are glad to share this journey with you while we wander on the path to a healthier and sustainable lifestyle.By purchasing from us, you are contributing to a business that gives back, has a more friendlier environment practice and are gifting yourself in a more sustainable way. Additionally, It's an honour to announce with every order, a donation is made to One Tree Planted and non profit animal organizations. Allowing them to plant tree’s and help save and protect our animals. Your purchase has a positive impact on our planet!


 Meet The Founder!

My heart beats for nature, pretty things, animals and most of all, my daughter. I enjoy being able to run my business (which doesn’t feel like work at all) and being with my daughter. Since I work for myself, it’s easy to have all the time I want for her.

I founded Elosa with a set goal in mind. To provide honest, natural, eco friendly products that gives back to nature positively.

From since I can remember, I've always had a love for aesthetics, animals and exploring nature. I love to design, create and provide, so when I started Elosa I pretty much knew what I wanted it to be about, the voice I wanted to portray and the goals and missions I was aiming for.

With my love for nature, design, and aesthetics, I effortlessly combined them together to birth Elosa. From the moment Elosa was brought to life, I knew I didn’t want it to be like your typical small business. I wanted Elosa to be recognized, versatile, honest and contribute to the environment positively.

Elosa is an extension of my love for nature, animals, beauty and most of all, my daughter and her well being. 



Earth Friendly + Vegan +  Woman Owned Small Business
Camisha Balfour
Founder, CEO, Maker.