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Hello my fur parents, this journal is specifically for our fur babies! I switched over my dogs groomers during the pandemic and I fell in love with the people and the place itself so much, I decided to write a journal entry on it. I genuinely loved myself experience here and the work that was done to my pooch, and I wanted to share this location with my readers who reside in Ontario, Canada close to King City. If youre looking for a new and reliable groomer, and you’re in the area of King City (Close to Vaughan and Richmond Hill) or close to, I think you will appreciate this post.

All dogged up is a beautiful grooming and spa location for your pets that provide a handful of services to meet your needs when it comes to your pets care and hygiene. I first fell in love with this place because of the way it looks. If you know me you know how obsessed I am with light decor and marble and that this place speaks my name. The workers are amazing and give your pet their full focus and attention and they even have beautiful and comfortable waiting area’s for your fur baby. You can tell your fur baby had a comfortable experience and a genuine connection with the groomers because they will come out to you all smiles, tail wagging! Just like my poodle! The price for a full groom is the same price I find many other groomers charge but obviously you can expect to pay a little more if you add little add on’s like a facial or de skunking.

I am amazed at not only how they do an amazing job with your fur baby, but the aesthetic look and feel to the location itself. With ceramic, light and marble touches, the place offers a modern atmosphere for you and your fur baby to enjoy with incredible services and packages at affordable rates.

The spa also has a small section for sassy, cute and unique pet accessories to spoil your pet with.

They also offer day sitting! For only $50 CAD a day! Now how many pet spa/groomer’s you know offers this? I personally don’t know any! Usually, you will have to go to a pet boarding company or a doggy daycare for this service and sometimes the pricing can be overwhelming for some, so I thought this service and it’s pricing was pretty beneficial.

All Dogged Up - Dogs Spa

All Dogged Up - Hallway

All Dogged Up - Mini Store

All Dogged Up - Wash Room

All Dogged Up - Style Room

A bonus? They offer an extra special treat for your first visit, details below! Don’t forget to inquire about this when/if you make your first booking!


Website & social media



All dogged up - Grooming & Pet Spa

All Dogged Up - Dogs Spa


1700 King Road. King City, Ontario.

hours of operation

Monday - Friday - 9AM - 6PM

Saturday - 9AM - 4PM

Sunday - Closed

Services offered


Pre clip + Scissor

Brushed + Combed out

De matting + De Shedding if required

Nails trimmed + filled

Ears plucked + cleaned


Towel/Velocity dried

Brushed + Combed after bath

Finish Clip + Scissor

Perfume, bandana or tie


Brush + Comb

Nails + Trim

De matting & De shedding if required

Ears Plucked + cleaned

Brush Out + Comb

Scissor around face, feet and tail


Brush out + Comb

De matting & De shedding if needed

Scissor around face, feet and tail

Perfume, bandana or tie


Teeth Brushed

Paw Treatment + Soak



Flea + Tick treatments

Medicated Shampoo

Facial + Scalp massage and scrub

Website & social media



All Dogged Up - Instagram

Pictures of my poodle after her recent visit at All Dogged Up!

Teacup poodle
Teacup poodle
Teacup poodle
Teacup poodle

*This journal entry has been created and posted before Elosa established.

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