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Natural Shampoo And Conditioner

Switching or swapping your hair routine can be frightening, nerve wrecking and honestly can sometimes be frustrating when you don't know where to look. Many long lasting benefits await you if you choose to make the switch to natural hair products that are free from SLS, synthetics, chemicals and toxins. Hair products that contain plant based and gentle surfactants, natural additives and active ingredients that work from the inside out.

Our hair collection is a great way to start the transition to natural, gentle and effective hair care that'll deeply condition, nourish, moisturize, repair, strengthen and balance your hair. Giving you healthy, long lasting results. Formulated with natural, Vegan and organic ingredients sourced from plants and vegetables. They have been pH balanced to mimic the hairs pH to properly open and close each individual hair strand, allowing the benefits to penetrate through the hair cuticles and then be locked in. Providing luxurious and healthy results. 

We won't lie to you

If you really do your research and learn of the things that go into everyday hair and skin care, you'd be dropping your last dollars to switch completely natural. The process however can be scary and, it is a process that requires consistent actions. There's a transition period when switching to natural hair care.

Standard shampoo's are full of ingredients that dry out and strip your hair of its natural oils. When you go natural, this does not happen. Your scalp and hair cuticles are gently opened and cleansed without leaving residue and build up. When you use a natural shampoo or conditioner for the first time, your scalp will try to reproduce lost oils and regulate itself.

Once you switch to natural hair care, it’ll take a few washes for your hair and scalp to transition and adjust to the natural formula. Your natural oils may seem slightly different or your hair may feel “heavier” when you switch to natural products. As you continue to use the natural and balanced products, your scalp will begin to rebalance and your hair will become more moisturized, become healthier, better texture, less oils at root and moist ends. Depending on hair and use of the product, you may see results more or less quickly than others.

Advice: Pick one natural routine or product(s) and stick to it. Allow your hair to get used to one at a time, to allow for a quicker transition. Using too many different products can delay the transition period as your hair is trying to get used to too many things at once. When I say one routine or product, I do not mean devote your entire life to one brand. Instead, use one shampoo at a time, not two or three different kinds. Use one kind of conditioner or treatment at a time. They don't all have to be from the same place, but just stick to one.

Why Natural Hair Care?

Simply put, it's better for you and the planet. Natural products contain (or should - always check ingredients) eco conscious ingredients and materials that are effective, gentle and biodegradable. It also reduces the use of water as natural shampoo does not require as many washes and water as the standard. The additional bonus of natural products, is that the formulator or manufacture will most likely balance the pH of the products as natural ingredients requires safe pH levels to function.

Natural has a broad definition, but here at elosa we like to think of it as anything that has come from nature in a whole. Such as plants and vegetables, ingredients that are not synthetically made or processed but can be derived right from Mother Nature. We also are vegan and cruelty free, so although animal derived ingredients are considered natural, we do not implement them into our formulas or materials.

Natural hair care has long term benefits if you stay consistent in a routine. Majority of people are used to standard shampoo's full of synthetics, SLS, foam boasters and harsh surfactants and are not familiar with the way true healthy hair can and will feel if you stray away from those nasties. Many brands and even small businesses offer natural products that are true to their word and can deliver you excellent results without secretly (because companies know what they are doing!) causing you long term damage. Our hair products are on that list ;)

If you're ever unsure, always check the ingredient list of a product and do your research on a specific ingredient if you're unsure about a specific ingredient. If no ingredients are listed, take your interest and money elsewhere. A brand and/or product who states they are "natural" or any specific claim, won't make it difficult to find information on ingredients or materials included in a product. This should be available to you before purchase.

Another big difference in natural shampoos and conditioners is that they contain moisturizing oils, proteins, extracts and vitamins that keep your scalp and hair at it's best. These beneficial additives helps aid in growth and prevents dryness, irritation, frizziness and loss of texture and improve natural shine.

Interesting Fact: Ingredients are listed in order of greatest to least on ingredients list. The first four to six ingredients listed is used the highest in a formula. Water (Aqua) is a common ingredient that you would find first on most ingredient lists.

Keep In Mind

Natural shampoos do not lather as much as synthetic shampoos because they do not contain any foam boosters or SLS. Just because a shampoo does not lather as much, does not mean it is not cleaning your hair. Standard shampoo's provide large amounts of lathers by including foam boosters which are synthetic and harsh to the hair. They are simply placed in a product for one purpose only; to boost lather and foam. You can encourage more lather with natural shampoo's by adding a little bit of more water to your hair during your wash.

Note, Your second wash will lather much more than your first wash and this is why we recommend you doing a minimum of 2 washes. You will even notice with store bought shampoo's that the second wash is much more foamier than the first. Our balancing shampoo does not lather all over the place like the standard stores, however it provides a decent, thick lather and it is highly effective at gently cleansing and moisturizing the hair and preparing it to soak up all the benefits that our balancing conditioner has to offer.

Where to start

Switching to natural hair products is not only good for your hair but for the environment too as natural formulas are biodegradable (safe for our waters, lakes and streams) and doesn't contain toxins or chemicals. A good first step would be switching to an natural shampoo and conditioner that is eco friendly and plant based. Always check the ingredient list and ask questions if you are unsure.

Our hair collection is a great way to start the transition to natural, gentle and effective hair care.

Our shampoo:


Gently cleanses without stripping natural oils

Provides mild conditioning

Moisturizes and softens hair

Opens up hair cuticles to prepare hair to receive the nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and other benefits from the conditioner. 

Our conditioner:


Deeply conditions and detangles

Strengthens hair strands

Improves brittle, dry hair

Hydrates and moisturizes

Softens hair

Provides excellent wet and dry combing

Helps rid dandruff and irritated scalp

Closes hair cuticles to retain benefits

Want MORE natural benefits?

Our Hibiscus conditioner does everything our balancing conditioner does and more. Made from real hibiscus tea and even more proteins, It also improves:

Shine and volume


Thin hair - thickens hair strands

Better control and manageability

Delays Premature greys

Repairs Damaged Hairs

Provides heat protection

We are always open to questions about or products as we believe being 100% transparent and honest is one of the best ways to gain our customers trust.

Read more on all about pH and why it matters in your products.

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