Where is Elosa Based?
Elosa is a registered small business located in Ontario, Canada in the Greater Toronto Area, where all products are handmade from scratch, packaged and shipped from.

Where do you ship your products?
We ship to Canada, US & International. We do not ship to California, Europe or China. 

Are your products available in store?
Yes! You can find a list of our retailers here. Use the map and/or list to locate where you can find and shop our products in stores that are potentially near you.

Do you offer local pickup?
At this time, we do not offer local pickup. However we offer local delivery for a flat rate of $5. This option will be available at checkout if you reside within 20km of our workshop.

How long will it take to receive my order?
You can view delivery times here.

Can I make changes or cancel my order?
You may cancel or make changes to your order as long as your order has not been processed and shipped. If your order has already shipped, changes can not be made. 

What is the return/exchange policy?
You can ready the return/exchange policy here.

Can you rush orders? 
We process order within 1 - 3 business days from the date you place your order. We offer a flat rate shipping to Canadian customers and free shipping over $100. To receive your order quicker, you may select "priority" shipping at check out. Note shipping will be calculated based on order and destination if you choose this option.

What if a product I want is out of stock?
You can sign up for notifications to be notified when product is back in stock. This option will be available for products that are out of stock on the product page. A "Notify Me" button will be visible.

I can only add a certain amount of quantity for a product, why?
If you are limited to a certain quantity of a product, this means you’re trying to purchase more than what’s available in stock. Our system keeps track of inventory and sold units and accepts orders accordingly.

Do you offer samples ?
All orders come with complimentary samples of a product from our line. Samples given are based on your order and suggested interest. This means you will not receive a skin care product if your order contains only candles and wax melts, and you will not receive a candle if your order contains skin or hair products only. Only first orders receive complimentary samples. Repeat orders will not receive samples.

I have a question about my order?
Please go to my contact page and use the form or send an email to orders@elosa.ca. Please make sure to include your name and order number.

If you'd like to cancel or change your order, please get in touch with orders@elosa as soon as possible with your order number to see if we can make the changes or cancel the order for you. If your order has already been shipped, you may not cancel or change your order. You will need to wait for your items to arrive and return back to us for an exchange or refund. 

Do you offer whole sale?
Yes! You can read our wholesale terms and apply for a wholesale account here.

Do you offer custom products for events such as weddings, baby showers, etc?
Yes! Please email me at hello@elosa.ca regarding what you are looking for. Please include things like, product and quantity, scented or unscented, event type, event date + desired delivery date, label type (Custom or Provided) and your contact information.

This way a quick and accurate quote can be provided to you. Custom orders are given a small discount.

Which non-profit organizations do you donate and contribute to?
We gladly donate and give back to these non profit organizations and charities:

One tree planted - 1 tree planted for every order 
Redemption Paws - portion of sales donated directly to organization
Fetch And Releash Dog Rescue Society - portion of sales donated directly to organization
Humane Society Dawson - portion of sales donated directly to organization

Customers are able to add an additional donation at checkout to our select organizations that we proudly support. You will be emailed a receipt of your donation for your records.


What goes into the costs of your products?
At Elosa, raw, natural, pure ingredients and high quality materials are used to formulate and produce not only premium products, but products that are eco friendly and plant based. Raw, natural, plant based and organic hydrosols, oils, butters, fruit and plant extracts, antioxidants, preservatives, vitamins, botanicals and herbs are amongst some of the ingredients we use to formulate our products. We ensure to use only natural and plant based alternatives to the usual ingredients you'd find. These ingredients you'd find in store bought products are not only synthetic, but they're less costly to produce resulting in cheaper products. Since the ingredients we use are real, pure, plant based and natural ingredients, the costs to produce products are more on the higher side. Next to our products, you’ll find our packaging is a clear indication of our love for our customers with beautiful and high quality, eco conscious packaging, custom to our branding. Lastly, every single product is hand made from scratch. I do not used pre made bases or private label my products. The time and effort put into formulating is also contributed to costs.

Your entire experience from the moment you press “place order” will be an experience that’ll imprint in your heart forever.

Where do you source your materials and ingredients from?
We source our supplies and ingredients from selected reliable Canadian and American wholesale suppliers. We source locally as much as we can.

Are your products Handmade? 
Yes! Every single product is handmade from scratch. You can check out behind the scenes and production content on my Instagram. For old content you may have missed, you can check our highlights. 

What is the shelf life of your products?
All Products are always handmade in small batches to ensure each product is properly attended to and is as fresh as possible when purchased and ready to be used. Only our skin and hair products have expiry dates.

Due to the natural and plant derived ingredients, our skin and hair products have a shelf life of 6 - 12 months. Products should be kept sealed tight and away from direct sunlight, heat and extreme cold temperatures. Store at room and do not allow water or any liquid to enter or contaminate product.

Each products has an expiry date (MM/YYYY) and batch # located at the bottom should you have any questions or concerns. A QR code is also located at bottom of product to navigate to the product on our website for quick repurchase.

*Please note, our handmade cold process bar soaps do not expire thus will not have expiry dates on label. They only get better with time.

Our expiry date is the date we 100% guarantee the product will remain stable, safe and provide its full benefits, provided you use and store your product properly. 

Using the product after the expiry date is at your own risk and judgement. 

If you have any questions about a product please do not hesitate to send an inquiry at hello@elosa.ca with your question or concern.

Are your products organic?
We used certified organic ingredients but our product is not certified as organic. Our products contain at least 50% certified organic ingredients.

Are your products vegan?
Yes. We used plant and vegetable derived ingredients in our formulas.

Are your products cruelty-free?
Yes! We have never and will never test on our precious animals.

Are your products Sulfate/SLS free?
Yes! We do not use any sulfates, synthetics or harsh detergents in our formulas. 

Are your products paraben and phthalate free?
Yes! This includes our selection of natural plant based fragrance oil.

Do your products contain GMO or Gluten?
Nope! Our soaps and all other products are free from Gluten and GMO.

Do your products contain palm oil?
Nope! We use more earth friendly, organic oils instead like coconut, sunflower and camellia oil to name a few.

What wax is used in your candles and melts? 
We use a 100% biodegradable plant based coconut and vegetable wax blend.

Why is my candle tunnelling and sooting?
If you do not allow your candle to burn for 4 hours on the first burn, or until there's a full melt pool (fully melted wax on top), you risk your candle tunnelling on future burns. To prevent this, let your candle reach a full melt pool before putting it out. This also maximizes the strength of the aroma. Trimming your wick before each and every burn will also ensure a controlled burn with minimal soot.

Why do you use alcohol in your room sprays?
We use alcohol derived from sugar cane, to act as a solvent and dilute for the essential oils in the case they get in contact with the skin. This also helps prevent staining on linens and clothing from essential oils. 

Are your room sprays safe to use on the skin?
Yes. Our room sprays are formulated with organic witch hazel and a specific alcohol that is used in high quality perfumes. This is safe for the skin but not safe to digest. Please do not digest.

Are your labels waterproof?
Our bath and hair products, and our natural lip balms have water proof labels. Our other products that don't - or shouldn't come in contact with water feature our standard textured labels. The only exception is our plant based bubble baths, which has our signature textured labels.

Are your products suitable for children?
Yes! Products formulated at Elosa are plant based and gentle. Our body products are pH balanced where necessary, making it suitable for the younger ones. My 6 year old daughter enjoys our lotion and bubble bath all the time! Lots of our products are also unscented for those who don't want scent.

Are your products suitable for pregnant woman?
Our products are scented with essential oils. Please consult with your doctor prior to using our scented products. Our unscented products however, are suitable for our pregnant mommies.

Do your products contain sweet almond oil?
Yes. Our soaps along with some of our skin care products contain sweet almond oil. If you have a nut allergy, our products may not be the best choice for you. However, our two soaps, Aloe Vera and Sage + Peppermint tea are Unscented and formulated with olive oil instead of sweet almond oil. Please refer to ingredient list of all products before purchase and/or use. 

Note: majority of our products also contain Shea Butter. Many with nut allergies can continue to safely use products that contain this ingredient. Research shows Shea Butter poses no allergy risks or are extremely rare since the protien found in Shea nut butter is in no relation to other nuts or peanuts. Of course we always encourage customers to do their own research and/or consult with their doctor if they have any concerns. 

Subscription Products

What are the delivery schedules?
You may choose between every 30 and 60 day deliveries. 

What products are available for subscription?
We have a select collection of products that are available for subscription and one time purchases only here. 

Can I have more than one active subscription?
Yes! You'll be able to view all your active and past subscription plans from your account.

Can I modify or cancel a subscription?
Yes! You can manage your subscription and delivery details or cancel your entire subscription straight from your account. 

Buy Now, Pay Later

What is Buy Now, Pay Later?
Exactly that! Get your products now, pay for them later! We use a payment processor called Sezzle, that allows for interest-free payment installments for your entire order. The total cost of your entire order will be broken down (usually in 4 equal payments) with two weeks in between each payment due. You will pay a fraction of the order upfront at checkout.

Is there a minimum order amount?
Orders between $50 and $5000 are eligible for payment installments. Anything outside this range must be paid in full at checkout.

How do I pay for my order in installments?
To pay for your order in installments, select sezzle at checkout. You'll be able to see your initial payment along with amounts that are due later. On a product page, you'll see a brief summary of how much a product would cost you with payment plans.

Do I need to be approved?
Yes. However approval decisions are instant so there is no delay in ordering!

Does it impact my credit?
Nope! You can apply for an installment plan with a peace of mind that no damage will be done to your credit.

However, failing to make your arranged payments can lead to your account being sent to collections which can damage your credit rating. Pay your payments on time and you have nothing to worry about! 

Elosa Loyalty Rewards Program

What is the loyalty rewards program?
Our loyalty rewards program is for customers who are loyal to us. You can earn and redeem points to use to save money on future purchases and on your birthday! You can begin earning points as soon as you create an account. A welcome bonus of 500 points will be rewarded when you sign up for an account. You can find more and full details of our loyalty program here.